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Our first!

Introducing - The T cup.

The cup has a tall arch handle, making it extremely comfortable to hold. This handle allows you to get a three finger grip on your multitasking hands. Can take just about 210ml of any beverage, is narrower on the top, to fundamentally keep your beverage warm. Fully ceramic, glazed on the inside, and raw matte on the outside. The exterior surface gets smooth with more use.

This cup saucer duo was designed for the everyday morning beverage, chai - in India. We aimed at bringing back the individual behaviours of drinking chai. Remember when we’d pour it in the saucer, as the wide rim allowed it to cool down? We tried to include those small experiences to our design, that could cater to all the different ways of having chai.

Moreover, it is all stain proof, microwave friendly, oven safe, and even dishwasher safe.

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