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1. Where are your products made?


Each piece is handmade in our studio in Ahmedabad, Gujarat; from locally sourced stoneware and designed to emphasise functionality.


2. Are your products food safe?


All products are food safe. Oven Safe, Dishwasher Safe and even Microwave friendly!


3. Will my BoxT products break? 


Stoneware is one of the strongest ceramic material, however it is not indestructible. If you drop an item, it is likely to break (as glass would). Likewise, if you hit it against a surface or another item, it may chip. Moving your items to extreme temperatures, eg. from a hot oven to a cold bench-top will likely cause thermal shock. So please treat your products with care.


4. What is thermal shock? 


Thermal shock is a sudden temperature fluctuation causing stress in an object. Moving your items to extreme temperatures, eg from a hot oven to a cold bench-top, will likely cause thermal shock. To avoid thermal shock do not place your items directly from the fridge into the oven, or the oven to a cold bench-top. We recommend using a wooden board or trivet.


5. Will my items scratch?


When stacking plates or bowls, scratches may occur due to the unglazed surface rubbing against the glazed surface. To avoid scratches we recommend stacking with felt, cloth or foam in between each item. If you are concerned about scratching, and don’t want to use felt, we would recommend selecting lighter colours.


6. My products are stained, how can I get the marks off?


The stains should come off in the dishwasher. If you already use the dishwasher, we would recommend using a “magic sponge” (trust us it works), baking soda or a cream cleaner.


7. I don’t like the unglazed texture on the outside, how do I make it smoother? 


The unglazed surface will smooth down over time with general handling, use and washing.

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